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The hall bathroom represents a design challenge: How much style can you fit in 40 square feet? But that little room also could be an appealing starting point: a remodeling project small enough to be affordable and still look stylish or even luxurious. You have been pondering where you want to get started on those small home renovations, and the bathroom is where you want to start. The decision is to up-grade while repairing some of those leaking valves,broken tiles,out-dated fixtures, and so on and so on. That small change can quickly give your bathroom a more glamorous You should know what you’re doing and when you expect to finish before launching into any grand bathroom renovation. I just bought a flat in Century City and will be renovating the two small bathrooms. I have no experience in this and don’t want to be shortchanged. Any help with recommendations for good bathroom renovations specialists? Any estimates on costs? The first rule of updating a small bathroom is to look between and betwixt. As Courtney Lake from Courtney Out Loud describes, “If you plan on doing a major renovation in your bathroom and can’t change the footprint, then consider using the space between We recently wrote a story about home renovation projects, their costs and the returns you’d expect to see. In that story, we found that the average small bathroom home renovation cost is a little under $16,000. However, you should only expect to see a .
By the time you’re ready to towel off, the entire bathroom will smell heavenly! Keep an assortment of small towels or a group of scented soaps on a beautiful tray or in an unusual basket. Decide on a color scheme using existing elements as your guide. Pressbox (Press Release) – According to, not all bathrooms can be lavish spaces with whirlpool tubs and two separate vanities. For some bathrooms, space is at a premium and knocking out walls is not an option, but remodeling must .

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